by Lan Caihe

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released July 1, 2012

All tracks recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dave Rose.

Special thanks to Jacob Davidson for his hardware and instruments.



all rights reserved


Lan Caihe Boston, Massachusetts

I am Lan Caihe. I write and record all of this music myself, and perform with my friends Matt, Mark, and Ian in the Greater Boston area.

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Track Name: Inward
Gaze directed outward as the stone was thrown within
It traveled swiftly, tracing paths not unfamiliar, not quite forgotten
But left here moments, days, a lifetime behind, not frequented,
Now I see, as often as they should have been
As the cracks are filling in

A cobble, a pebble
On its own without much strength
Or gravity, especially
When viewed from the outside
But we forget the inner walls
Are gilded in a brittle glass
Broken in the past
Never meant to last
A bitter husk of ash
Left standing, standing

Four walls
The spores were sown
And trampled under foot
But what of their resilience,
Of what they left behind?
We still wander through the shadows
Creeping from the cracks
We still whisper through the echoes
Listen to the echoes
Track Name: in Sickness and
The coffin lies adjacent to the alter
The petals line the boards
Leaning over top the dark sepulcher
His mouth goes dry
His eyes are swollen, ears are ringing
Heart in vices, suffocating
"Prove to me your grace, oh God, and
Fix this bed for two
I'm dead without you"

Long after sunset
Still tracing her name
The date freshly carved into stone
So cold and unfeeling
Eyes on the ground as he echoes
"Oh God, this is all too soon
My God, this is all too soon"

"Where is solace in this?
Must not sleep come?
Dare I follow, lover?
Reaching out for..."

"I can't quite shake this feeling of the end"
What will it take?
"Her eyes closed"
Who can relate?
"She left me"
Before it's too late

"Fall back on all the promises and vows we made
I swear she holds them still"
What of the rest?
What else is left?
This is a test

"Never thought that sleep would be so welcome here
Bite my lip and close my eyes
Will I dream?
And will you lead me?
Or will I walk alone?
How long will I be waiting?"
Track Name: The Eyes Above
"Wake up, hear me, and breathe
"Not now, not this, for me
"It was my time, I am still here by your side, open your eyes
"So much is left, your wounds can be dressed, I can forgive this"

His eyes have turned up to the sky
Each breath more deliberate
The floodgates are open the river is dry
The warm desert air freezes over
So peaceful and cold and alone
"Where are you?" he echoes
The words rising over the walls
Spilling onto the desolate landscape
"What else did I hope to find?
"Is it too late to change my mind?"

"Wake up, hear me, and breathe
"Not now, not this, for me
"It was my time, I am still here by your side, open your eyes
"So much is left, your wounds can be dressed
But I cannot-"