self​-​titled demo

by Lan Caihe

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released November 13, 2011



all rights reserved


Lan Caihe Boston, Massachusetts

I am Lan Caihe. I write and record all of this music myself, and perform with my friends Matt, Mark, and Ian in the Greater Boston area.

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Track Name: Librae
Staring through the doorway, just one of many portals lining labyrinthine corridors snaking out before me. An air untouched by any lips, by any soul. The tender scent of virgin breath upon me. This is what it is to be forgotten: No footprints in the snow. Curtains drawn. Windows boarded up. Foundations filled. Blueprints erased, shredded, returned to the Earth, reaching up, reaching out to cast a shade, a chilling calm born down by the sediments left here in moments past and since ignored,

since unexpressed and unexplained, since last I leveled off the grave. Since when has anything you said held any water, any weight? But with the hatchet in the ground there's nothing left to cut me down. The rusted daggers from your eyes but scratch the surface.

So scratch the surface.
Do I deserve this?
And is it worth it?
It isn't worth it.

It isn't worth it. x3
It isn't.
It isn't worth it. x3
It isn't.
Track Name: Phoenix
Flash of lightning
Oxygen evacuates my lungs
The walls are burning
On my hands and knees I crawl
Searching for the origin, looking for the source
For the spark that spawned the flame
How poetic, how appropriate
That this home we built ourselves should meet this fate

The rising smoke engulfs me
Obscuring all the light
Alarm gives rise to panic
I'm running round, I'm going down
I stop. Searching for the exit
Looking down, it's right in front of me
I turn the key to safety
The arsonist still trapped within the blaze

So why must I share the pain?
Release me

Like snowflakes
Falling down
Coating all I see
Such perfect little particles
Each one unique
And representing each a different memory
Tells its story in the sound
Of joining ranks with voiceless echoes
Lying ashen on the ground
Track Name: Les Stalactites
J'attends depuis des annees
De te voir
De t'entendre
Les stalactites de glace
Qui pendent a ses levres
Tombent par terre
Je les regards
Mais pourquoi brissent-ils pas?
Il transpercent plutot
Le tissu sur lequel
Nous nous tenons debout
Tes mot imprudent
On fait des crevasses
Qui grandissent encore

(I've waited for years
To see you
To hear you
The icicles on your lips
Fall to the ground as I watch
But why don't they shatter?
Instead they tear through
The thin fabric that supports us
Your careless words
Make chasms still growing)

The chasm expands
You fall out of sight
Out of my mind
How dare you

T'as raison
Je ne comprends pas
Et quelquefois
C'est pas si ou non
Mais c'est si ou non
C'est si ou non
C'est si ou non
C'est si ou non
Dites-moi si ou non

(You're right
I don't understand
And sometimes
It's not yes or no
But this is yes or no
It's yes or no
It's yes or no
It's yes or no
Tell me yes or no)